Friday, January 21, 2011

(a favor)

Ah, loyal blog-followers. How are you this lazy Friday afternoon? As much as I love to wander off along the paths that lead far away from the topic at hand, this time I promise to keep to the highway and get to the point. I can't help but notice that for the majority of my recent posts, the number of 'unhelpful's has outweighed the 'helpful's. Of course I appreciate the feedback, but since it's been consistently rather negative, I was hoping to ask a favor from you: next time you click the 'unhelpful' button, leave me a few words of advice.

I write for you - to help you understand some of the, as they say, ups and downs and ins and outs not only of life at Dartmouth, but of the college experience in general. If I'm not fulfilling that, or if what I'm writing about isn't what you're interested in reading, then let me know how I can better inform (entertain, amuse, bewilder, distract) you.

Too much to ask? I hope not! Critique away, dear followers, and happy reading.


  1. Your writing gives us insight into you and through this opens windows into ourselves.

    How could we ask more from a writer.

    Keep blogging

  2. Everything Ann said.
    Alexis, blog. We READ. We LOVE to read.
    Blog away!

  3. Love your very honest and philosophical posts! I relate to every word you say and every feeling and image you conjure so much, so please keep blogging!
    You're a wonderful writer and inspirational person.